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Mobility ushers in a new era in enterprise capability

Samsung memory technology is designed to match the demands of the mobile market as the microSD memory card has become a fundamental component in the market of mobility.
Technology analyst firm Gartner recently outlined how mobile memory has achieved strong growth as a result of the demand for robust memory card solutions that can tap into the data-heavy market.
“Memory solutions need to deliver scalable and capable storage that is as accessible as the actual devices,” said Mike van Lier, Director of the Enterprise Business Division (EBD).
Samsung has been recognised as one of the best microSD card manufacturers in the market and the technology giant’s products are designed to last and deliver superior performance.
According to Van Lier, secure, efficient and performance-ready cards are perfectly positioned to adapt to the era of smart machines and the Internet of Things (IoT).
“This technology has become far more mainstream. The next few years will see a significant development in the apps and devices designed to take advantage of its functionalities. In addition, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the personal cloud which gives the user an option to work from any location through app-based services, requires mobile devices with improved processing and storage,” says van Lier.
Samsung’s current range has been specifically created to meet the high-level requirements of the modern mobile user. The Samsung EVO microSD and Samsung PRO microSD line-up, drive performance in high-end smartphones and tablets with impressive speeds and output. The EVO series has UHS-1 support with speeds of up to 48MB/s and the PRO series is up to 90MB/s Read and 80MB/s Write with NAND and UHS-1 support.
Van Lier added, “Protection of data is as important as the ability to store it and the Samsung PRO and EVO are extra durable. It has robust features such as being waterproof and temperature resistant, enduring highs4 of up to 85 degrees and lows of -40 degrees. Both the PRO and the EVO can operate under X-rays and withstand a magnetic force of 15,000 gauss. Whether adopted by the enterprise or the consumer, these added safeguards provide a layer of protection for valuable data that’s hard to beat.”
“Mobility is ushering in a new era in enterprise capability, with analytics and context-rich systems forming powerful ecosystems of valuable data. Memory may be small, but it plays a big role in effortless storage, sharing and retrieval of vital business information. Samsung is not only prepared, it’s leading the way in microSD innovation,” concluded Van Lier.

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