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Improving the lives of peri-urban settlers

Improving the lives of peri-urban settlers

A project run and funded by the EU Delegation to Namibia, that targeted the most vulnerable residents of the informal settlements in Katutura, came to an end earlier this month.
The project: “Enhancing services delivery and risk reduction for marginalized and vulnerable children and adolescents living in the informal settlements of Katutura” was officially closed last week.
The Head of Delegation of the European Union to Namibia, Ms Jana Hybaskova, together with representatives from Terre des Hommes Italia, Hope Initiatives Southern Africa and the Constituency Councillor of Tobias Hainyeko, Hon Kristoff Likuwa attended the closing ceremony.
The event was hosted to celebrate the completion of the project, implemented by project partner, Hope Initiatives Southern Africa. The project concentrated on the Tobias Hainyeko Constituency in Katutura.
It has been running from January 2013 to January 2016, and was supported by the European Union with funding amounting to €350 000. This was done in partnership with Terre des Hommes Italia and two local partners, Family of Hope Services (FHS) and Hope Initiatives Southern Africa (HISA).
Within the context of the broader programme, smaller, more focussed projects such as horticultural and organic gardening on a micro-scale, an educational project to promote adult literacy, basic remedial education, various pre-school programmes, a child protection and child welfare programme as well as a Nutrition, Food and Feeding programmes were carried out.
Ambassador Hybaskova said “gardening and teaching of corresponding skills are a very sustainable way of fighting malnutrition. In addition to that, HISA’s schooling, adult literacy and HIV information programmes will also have a positive impact on the implementation of children’s rights in this area.” Green Awards and certificates were handed to those individuals who contributed to community building.

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