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Engineering students fly on concrete support

Engineering students fly on concrete support

Two students continue their education this year with bursaries from Ohorongo Cement through its Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust. Saara Ipinge and Diana Nambahu had the best Christmas in their lives when they learned earlier in December, they are to be the recipients of bursaries for their 2016 academic year at the University of Science and Technology, the former Polytechnic. Both are second year electrical engineering students.
The decision to award bursaries is a first for the Trust, in collaboration with the Engineering Professions Association (EPA). The company approached the EPA and collaborated extensively to find suitable candidates for the bursaries.
By the end of 2015, the Trust committed to fund two bursaries for a fixed total amount of N$25,000 each for 2016/17 for two electrical engineering students and signed an agreement with the EPA to manage all administration of the two bursaries on behalf of the Trust.
“Education is of the utmost importance, as those currently studying, are the leaders of tomorrow,” said Hans-Wilhelm Schütte, Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement adding that when they are not studying, they will be working at the Ohorongo Cement plant to gain practical knowledge within their fields of study.
The EPA is a non-profit, voluntary membership association of engineering and related professionals. It is associated with the Namibian Institute of Technology (NAMIT) and is a full member of the Commonwealth Engineers’ Council, based in London in the UK.

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