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Sports Management course in Leipzig huge success

Sports Management course in Leipzig huge success

The Sports Management course held in Leipzig was so well received by the participants that the University of Leipzig is offering an additional course in “Sports Management” that will run from 4 April until 31 July.
This was the assessment handed in by Andrew Masongo, President of the Namibian Basketball Federation, together with Victoria Katukula, Sports Officer in the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service who took part in the international training course (ITK) for “Sports Management” in Leipzig.
Katukula too was thrilled by the course, “I learnt a lot about how sport is managed in Germany and other countries through guest lectures and excursions. What can one ask for but to learn from the best and ITK are the experts in global sport since 1964.”
“My recommendation to those out there with the passion for sport who want to experience cultural exchange and get to know people from all over the world, the right place to be is ITK,” she added.
During their studies, the participants successfully organised a sports festival and received a Certificate C in Club Management by the German Olympic Sports Confederation for their successful participation in the course, the first time that this certificate was awarded to participants.
The organisation, financing and marketing of sport as well as event and personnel management are crucial pillars for the growth and success of sport in a country. As part of the foreign cultural and educational policy of the German Foreign Office, the Sports Faculty of the University of Leipzig thus offers a 5-month course on the topic of “Sports Management” for sports experts from developing countries.
Masongo said, “I would like to appeal to the Namibian sports community to tap and take advantage of the excellent knowledge platform that ITK is offering through their coaching courses”.
The International Coaching Courses (ITK) look back at 50 years of tradition in Leipzig. Up until today, more than 4000 sports experts from 144 countries have seized this opportunity.

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