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Gecko Graphite revving to go

Gecko Mining, owners and potential operators of the Okanjunde Graphite Mining are revving to go the Economist established, when it spoke to its Director of Geology, Oliver Krappmann recently.
According to Krappmann, the mining house has done its work and is just waiting for the approval of its mining license for its Okanjunde Graphite Project. Said Krappmann, “we have been busy. There have been a couple of let’s say, hurdles. We are just waiting for our mining license. Test work conducted according to Gecko Mining’s website showed graphite of superior flake quality, putting it in a prime position to become Namibia’s second graphite mining project”.
The mining resource was discovered by Rössing Uranium Limited and a feasibility study was conducted in order to assess the economic viability of the proposed graphite mine. In recent years, Gecko Graphite in the wake of the demand for high quality graphite has spurred the mining house to obtain the mineral rights over the Okanjunde deposit Graphite explains on its website.
Krappmann has previously pointed out in August 2014, that the planning with regards to Okanjunde was in the public domain and that an unspecified final report was almost done. The details surrounding the project remain tightly under wraps with Krappman giving indications that the executive management was controlling information tightly that would be availed to the media.
Krappmann however added that Gecko had placed notifications surrounding the project in the printed press and said that five public feedback meetings were held and stated that they were poorly attended.
According to Gecko, it has secured all mining rights. A bankable feasibility study is being initiated. At the time of going to press, Gecko did not comment on issues surrounding the progress of its attempt to update its Environmental Impact Assessment which it is in the process of updating. Work done on the site has indicated the possibility to mine 25 million tonnes of graphite with a grade of 5.65% with process recovery of at least 85%. Gecko anticipates a production of 20 000 tonnes of graphite per annum. Annually 398,400 tonnes of ore will be processed.

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