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Ban anti-sealers

Namibia Seal Conservation has noted with concern that some animal rights activists with deceptive motives like Seal Alert, Seal Shepherd and The Seals of Nam, are taking and publishing snuff photos and movies of our legal seal harvest for the purpose of a cash-generating propaganda tool, and to vilify the sealing industry.
Presenting images out of context, or simply distorting and faking them, can be a lucrative business. This offensive material is very effective when utilised in their endeavours to ridicule our country and to obtain donations and money. We have also noted that some of these movies and photos are real but [often] some are staged for better effect. A photo of an obviously dead seal between rocks was placed with the explanation that this seal was trying to hide from seal clubbers, when in fact frightened seals will take the nearest route back to the water.
These disturbing actions can cause our country severe damage if we do not counter their lies with the truth. We believe that government should place a prohibition on not only the creation, possession, but also the publishing and distribution of such material for financial gain in our media.
Oswald Theart
Kasosi Village
(Letter shortened – Ed.)

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