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Genuine leather shoes courtesy of Meatco

Genuine leather shoes courtesy of Meatco

The Meat Corporation of Namibia’s Tannery Department started the year with a generous gesture by donating hides to the Prison Correctional Services of Namibia on earlier last week.
Meatco Tannery responded to the plight of Correctional Services by donating 120 hides for training and manufacturing of shoes. This is a special donation to the Prison Correctional service who have the responsibility to rehabilitate members of the society who are trying to acquire new skills and improve their livelihoods under the correctional services.
The Namibian Correctional Services attempted to train inmates to make shoes with leather amongst other programmes that the prison offers. However, this initiative sometimes came to a standstill on numerous occasions as getting the animal skins in good condition was a challenge due to inadequate preservation techniques.
Receiving the donation Commissioner James Adams said, “the biggest appreciation for us, is the fact that the process is now made one step easier by this donation from Meatco, it is very difficult to get animal skins that are ready for the making of an end product”.
The donated cattle hides will be sent to the Evaristus Shikongo Correctional facility in Tsumeb, where the shoe factory is located. Apart from the hides donation Meatco will also be contributing towards the improvement of the inmates’ lives by providing training on processing hides.

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