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Medical equipment for Opuwo hospital

Medical equipment for Opuwo hospital

The convalescent at Opuwo District Hospital entered the new year with reason to celebrate when thee Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust gave them a very substantial gift to expedite their recovery.
The consignment of medical equipment comprises 88 wheel chairs, 11 walking frames, 5 commodes, and 5 mobile drip stands together with several boxes of plaster and baby changing mats.
Ohorongo Cement said the gift is valued at N$320,000. The supply of equipment was made possible with the assistance of Support e.V., Ulm, who is a partner of the Trust focusing on healthcare.
During the hand-over reception, the Governor of the Kunene Region, Hon Angelika Muharukua, commended Ohorongo Cement for their continued support with their cement donations to the 14 regions during 2015, and for continuing with similar donations to benefit communities. She emphasized that the equipment should be well cared for.
The Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Hon. Julieta Kavetuna, who received the equipment and supplies on behalf of the Ministry and Opuwo District Hospital, gave special thanks to Ohorongo Cement for their continued assistance, commending the cement miner for its active role to promote corporate social investment.
She thanked all dignitaries who assist in keeping people healthy, and urged Traditional Authorities to assist in driving lifestyle values that will support a more healthy community.
Ohorongo Cement’s General Administration Manager, Rudolf Coetzee said “As we all know, Namibia faces many challenges in delivering quality health services to the community, with the main constraints being inadequate medical equipment and supplies. Only when the Public and Private sectors come together in a true partnership, can one affect positive change.”

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