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Namibia to host Federation of African Archery (FAA) Championship

Namibia to host Federation of African Archery (FAA) Championship

Namibia will host the 11th Federation of African Archery (FAA) Championship and the African Continental Qualifying Tournament. The Federation of African Archery (FAA) awarded the rights to host the 11th Federation of African Archery (FAA) Championship 2016 to Archery Association of Namibia (AAN).
This tournament will most importantly also be the African Continental Qualifying Tournament for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016, as well as the World Games in Wroclaw 2017.
Permission to host this event was granted by the Namibia National Sports Commission and carries the blessing of the Namibia National Olympic Committee.
The African Archery Championships are the highest level of competition for Africa’s archers. The Championship will be held 28 – 31 January 2016 in Windhoek, Namibia.
Olympic Solidarity will fund and host a training camp in conjunction with the Archery Association of Namibia during the week preceding the championships. This training camp will cater for archers and coaches from the FAA Member Associations who will compete in the Tournament. Mr Pascal Colmaire, from World Archery, and Mrs Marja Woortman (AAN and FAA Coach) will be responsible for this week.
Namibia will welcome 111 archers, coaches and officials in Windhoek. The countries that have entered teams are Algeria, Benin, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Lybia, Mauritius, Morocco, Malawi, Namibia, Tunisia, Sudan, Zimbabwe and South Africa.
The biggest delegations and teams are from Egypt, Morocco and South Africa.
During the competition the AAN will also welcome the Secretary General of the Federation of African Archery (FAA) Dr Ahmed Koura, as well as the FAA President Dr Aladin Gabr and several Vice Presidents. World Archery will be represented by the Director of Development, Mr Pascal Colmaire.
The first participants arrived on Monday 18 January. The training camp is being held at the SKW Archery Range from 20 to 26 January. The venue for the Championship is the DTS sportsgrounds.
The president of the Archery Association, Frank Bockmuehl said “The hosting of the championships in Namibia will put much needed spotlight on Archery as a sport and hopefully create interest within communities in Namibia, thereby increasing participation of more people, also from rural backgrounds to take up the sport.”

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