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BA assistant coach calls it a day

BA assistant coach calls it a day

Otto Landsberg, Assistant Coach and former player of Black Africa handed over his resignation letter early this month, to Boni Paulino, the Club’s Chairman. Otto spent a good seven years in a coaching capacity with Black Africa assisting Bobby Samaria, Ronnie Kanalelo, Brian Isaac and Woody Jacobs.
“Leaving Black Africa was an extremely difficult decision for me to take, the thought gave me sleepless nights, especially to break the news to my players with whom I have built an excellent relationship with over the years,” said Landsberg.
He said even though it was difficult for him, he had no choice as he has neglected equally important indicators in his personal life such as family, his studies, his job and critical project that he has initiated to develop himself as a person.
“I will keep contact with my Executive Team and with the players and if need be continue to provide advice and encouragement to make them believe that they are more than capable to reclaim the MTC/Premiership for the year 2015/2016.” he said.
Paulino said that Otto is one of the coaches who matured into a respectable and reputable coach and has also played a key role in the success of the Club. “We will without a doubt miss coach Otto, he delivered a different and unique leadership style as a coach, he had an excellent ability to communicate and engage players, he new the strength and new the endurance and work-ethic of each player,” said Paulino.
Marvin Katire, the Team Captain committed and pledged that they as players will reclaim the championship that forms part of coach Otto’s football legacy. “We as players express our sincere appreciation and profound vote of thanks for the time Otto spent with us as our coach, your departure is an emotional experience for use and we will always remain indebted to you for the football leadership you have exposed us to on and off the field,” he emphasised.
“On behalf of the Chairman of the BA Board of Directors, Ranga Haikali, Management and staff, including the Football Team, the Netball Team and Supports Club, we wish coach Otto Landsberg all the best for 2016,” said Paulino.
He concluded by encouraging coach Otto to pay undivided attention to his beloved wife and children, that he pursues and focusses on his studies and work and that he accomplishes the projects he set out for himself as personal goals.

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