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Saving water the Windhoek way

The City of Windhoek in preparation of the impending drought recently shared guidelines it believes will go a long way in dealing with the water crisis currently being experienced in the Central Areas of the country.

Giving residents guidelines on effective water usage, the City of Windhoek said, “keep a constant focus on water saving in your immediate surroundings and remember those small ideas add up to massive savings; undertake to invest in the future of our great city in the coming year. Teaching children about the value of water, our most precious natural resource, will not only save water now, but carry well into the future; whether you are planning to renovate or simply change your garden in the coming year, Go Native. Regardless of whether you are planting new vegetation at home, school or the office, select native plants because they tend to require a lot less water;  undertake to regularly check your water meter or at least your monthly bill in 2016.”

“Undetected and/or invisible leaks amounts to huge water losses that you may be paying dearly for and are costly to all residents in the bigger scheme,” the CoW cautioned.

In general Windhoek residents made great strides in the month of December towards achieving reduced consumption and managing our precious resource more carefully. Spurred on by the thousands of individuals who shared their conservation tips and ideas residents of all stripes enthusiastically joined the effort to save water at the end of last year. Based on weekly averages, consumption has dropped by more than 20% compared to the same period in previous years,” the City of Windhoek noted.

“The City of Windhoek would like to carry this momentum into 2016 and achieve even greater results while making water conservation a permanent effort. Despite some recent rainfall the country, and particularly the central areas, are still in the grips of a persistent drought. With reference to the City of Windhoek Drought Management Plan available from our website households should aim to conserve 50% on their historic (normal) consumption with an overall drop in demand of 30%,” it added.

Said the City of Windhoek, “we are proud to confirm that the 30% overall demand reduction target has already been accomplished for short periods since the announcement of the Water Crisis so we know that residents can achieve this provided we all work together.  We wish to thank everyone who has contributed to the savings already achieved. Let’s use this as inspiration for better cooperation and even greater savings.  As always, counting on you usual excellent cooperation.”.

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