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Determine to succeed by working hard

Determine to succeed by working hard

Lovisa Haipumbu, 29, is ambitious and passionate about cooking. It was her passion that motivated her to start her own catering company, “Delicacy Catering”, which she calls her own and therefore works extra hard and extra hours to make it a success. “I live to cook,” she said.
She said to The Economist that “Delicacy Catering” started in 2009, but only registered with the Ministry of Trade in 2013. “We cater for all functions, be it corporate events, weddings, birthdays and engagements. We also cook modern food but mostly specialize in Oshiwambo traditional food,” she explained.
She believes that if the left hand is willing then her right hand is able. “I am willing and able to push until something happens, therefore everything worth having is worth working hard for,” she said in a motivational tone.
Lovisa lamented that in her business she is mostly challenged by employees who are difficult to deal with, because they do not have the same passion as the owner. “Therefore you are required to be around all the time, especially in the food industry where small mistakes can destroy your business,”. Another challenge she faces is slow business opportunities which will eventually “force you to pay your employees out of your own pocket.” But to keep going strong she is always motivated by the phrase, ‘when you want things done the right way then you have to do it yourself’.
But she loves the fact that she has something to call her own, that she is working hard for it, adding that she is also creating job opportunities for others which makes her happy.
She advices young businesswomen to always stand firm, to believe in their ability to do the job, to put in 200% and to impress their clients because your livelihood depends on it. “Ladies, it is a tough and scary business world out there, men will want to get into your pants to give you work and scams will come your way too, but do not let narrow-minded people discourage you,” she cautioned.
For the future she plans to open up her own ‘Delicacy Restaurant’ and make it the talk of the town and of course to employ more people. “When you feel like giving up, tell yourself that your were born to do it, never give up on anything, unless it is nothing,” she concluded.

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