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Saga of dwindling MTC data

A respected local IT analyst has claimed that MTC may be short-changing its clients with the amount of data it issues on pre-paid 4G SIM cards.
The analyst who alerted the Economist to the issue tested six Subscriber Identity Module cards and established that he came up short on the amount of data available every time he tested the devices.
He has since been in contact with MTC but has thus far not gained any clarity. Said the analyst in an email sent to MTC and seen by the Economist, “for some considerable time I have friends and customers tell me that data on their contracts seems to mysteriously disappear; any feedback including the so-called itemized data report supplied by MTC is essentially useless.”
Said the analyst, “I have purchased numerous Netman 4G time devices and decided to use them this weekend. I was shocked when the majority of the cards did not in fact give me the 60 minutes allocated. The time varies from as little as 30 minutes to 54 minutes. I proceeded to document every card used by the card number etched into the SIM card as well as the short messages provided by the 131 balance enquiry feature.”
MTC has since on two different occasions side-stepped the issue, advising clients to rather approach its mobile homes to have their concerns tracked by its technical departments. In a telephonic conversation, MTC through its spokesperson John Ekongo said that clients would have to have their devices tested and explained that the shortage of the data could be attributed to a number of factors, suggesting that the problem did not lie with MTC.
When the Economist asked the analyst whether his Subscriber Identity Module Cards were tested by MTC to verify his claim he said no. “I have sent them pictures of the SIM cards with their serial numbers which they can track on their system. Also in their communication with me they have never asked me for further information,” he claimed.
Records in the possession of the Economist show that for each of the six Subscriber Identity Module cards tested, the usage ranged from 54 minutes to as low as 30 minutes for the allocated usage of 1 hour of data.
The Economist sent MTC questions last week but a satisfactory response to the query has not yet been received neither has MTC contacted the analyst with an explanation for the shorted data cards.

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