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Safety first this festive season

The City of Windhoek urges people to be more careful and vigilant, whether they are in the City or travelling as the festive season draws nearer. oshua Amukugo, spokesperson for The City of Windhoek informed the residents that they can always notify City Police officers to keep an eye on their properties while they are on holiday. “It is important for the public to know that the City Police will not guarantee 24 hours security on your property but with this information we will be able to direct our patrols accordingly,” he emphasised.
He further urged the public to refrain from discussing their holiday plans and whereabouts during this festive season, because this makes it easier for their properties to be targeted. “The check in and out notifications on social media might sound fun, but it is a clear invitation for thieves to target your house and avoid carrying large amounts of cash on you at all times,” he advised. Amukugo said that residents should also make sure that their municipal bills are up to date, to avoid disconnection of services during this time. “The public is encouraged to make enquires relating to the City services during the normal working hours, and to use the emergency contacts after hours,” he added. “When travelling, please abide by the traffic rules, avoid drunken driving and keep within the prescribed speed limit, as we all hope to meet one another, come 2016,” he concluded.

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