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Stop, think and have a good time!

Stop, think and have a good time!
Natasha Gaoses

Natasha Gaoses

It is that time of the year again, a very beautiful time indeed. In addition to the rain we received, it could not be any better. Now we can let our hair down and share laughs and special moments with family. After all, it is the Festive Season; we can kick back and see our hard work pay off.
But it is also a time to think back on all the achievements and be grateful. If anything, we should really be thank the ‘Big Man’ above that we made it this far despite the challenges that we go through in life.
Personally, this year has been kind to me. It was a year of favour, it did not matter what situation I was in, there was always a way out for me. I learned a lot of things and among those was to never look down on myself, no matter what the world thinks. I have learnt to love all but trust no one as trusting people has left me in difficult situations. I am not discouraged about what people might say because I do not live my life to please the next person but I live my life the way God wants me to. I believe in myself and what I can achieve in this life.
Whatever we wished to do in this 2015 but could not, we still have a renewed hope for what 2016 will bring, so always have that faith and hope. Let us look forward to 2016 and have great expectations for it. I believe that it is going to be a very special year filled with only the best of what God has. I am excited and welcome the year with open arms and a bright smile.
Furthermore, with all these special events taking place, people have activated “KeDecember” mode and are already packing up their suitcases to travel to different parts of the country, which is exciting. I understand the coast is already fully booked, as usual. I will be at the coast too, to spend quality time with my loved ones, having long conversations with the elders, relaxing at the beach and having the time of my life travelling.
However, we also need to realise that we celebrate this time because we are celebrating the birth of Christ. This means that no matter how crazy we tend to party we should not forget the real meaning of December; it is a time to reflect back on how and why Christ was born – to celebrate his birth in a responsible way and to show that we care. That is really what “KeDecember” is all about.
Some people forget this and act out of line, doing all kinds of crazy things that they end up regretting. I do not know why some people make the same mistakes over and over again, but that is none of my business. I would just like to advise those who are going to consume alcohol to please do it responsibly. It is your life after all, so do take care and do what is right.
Car accidents, bar fights and bitter arguments should not be the spirit of the season so do try to think about any actions that might lead to any such situation and try to prevent those things from happening.
Lastly, remember that there are some people who do not have the privilege to enjoy the Festive Season like you do, so if you can be a good Samaritan, please do so because by blessing others you will also be blessed.
Enjoy this special festive time and remember to always put God first in all you do. Shalom.

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