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Centre for Logistics appoints new Director

Centre for Logistics appoints new Director

The Namibian German Centre for Logistics (NGCL) has appointed a new Director for the organisation, Logan Fransman. Fransman has worked for the NGCL for the past six years in various management positions and his background and experience make him a natural for this challenging job.
Logistics and transportation is a very specialised field that requires both experience and professional knowledge. The fact that logistics is one of the pillars of NDP 4 means that it requires and deserves a lot of focus and attention. Stakeholders from governmental sectors, public and private organisation, as well as from academia and the general public need to help raise the level of logistics in Namibia. Mr. Fransman has the experience to act as a catalyst in this drive and raise the profile and prominence of logistics, thereby in turn enabling NDP 4 to be a success.
During his time at the NGCL that includes the past 9 months as acting director, allowed him to accumulate experience at a regional and international level in the logistics sector. Mr. Fransman being a holder of a Master’s Degree in Information Technology with a specific focus on transport collaboration systems together with lecturing experience at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), ticks all the necessary boxes that a director of a well-established institute like NGCL should. Together with his team at NGCL and with the support of NUST, this appointment rings an exciting new phase for the Centre.
The new Director for the Centre for Logistics said, “I am thrilled to take up the challenge, harnessing logistics know-how is key to economic transformation.” In his new position he will push for logistics to be awarded the importance it actually deserves.
“We have many plans, workshops and collaborations with our stakeholders planned for 2016. I am confident that the team we have now at the NGCL will be able to take Transportation and Logistics to the next level in the region and demonstrate the importance of it for growth in Southern Africa.”

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