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eWallet in bulk

Business customers can now use FNB’s popular eWallet mobile payment solution to send money to multiple eWallet recipients, all as part of a single transaction using a CSV payment file import template.
Explaining its versatility, Desery Van Wyk, FNB’s Manager for cellphone banking said that Online Banking Enterprise customers can now make once off/adhoc eWallet payments, send money to multiple eWallets, add eWallet recipients to a folder and quickly make payments from those folders to all their regular eWallet recipients.
The revolutionary eWallet mobile payment solution is the pioneer product in a field eyed by many financial institution to grow their client base by bringing the formerly unbanked into the fold. FNB’s eWallet is cellphone based, giving people without a bank account or bank card, access to a system where money can be exchanged between mobile. In essence, the cellphone becomes the bank account. More than half of all eWallet holders belong to people who are not clients of FNB.
Bulk eWallet for business is available to all users who have been given payment permission on a transactional account linked to their Online Banking Enterprise Profile.
“As with any new product we are certain people wish to know what costs are and can advise that a flat fee of N$ 6,01 is charged (VAT included),” said van Wyk adding that people need to know that payments to an eWallet recipient are done like normal payments. The telephone number, MTC or tnmobile, doubles as the account number.
Payments to an eWallet are processed on the date of the execution and are deducted from the nominated account at the time while being processed based on the available balance or online settlements as per normal payments. “Payments occur in real-time; therefore confirmation of the success of the payment will be received immediately.”
Recipients of the eWallet can withdraw all or some of the money from the eWallet at any FNB ATM without needing a bank account or card. The rest of the money can be withdrawn at a later stage. They can also buy prepaid airtime and electricity using their eWallet.

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