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Dundee makes Christmas real for Tsumeb elderly

Dundee makes Christmas real for Tsumeb elderly

The operator of the smelter in Tsumeb, Dundee Precious Metals, took special care of the residents of two old age homes when they treated them to their own Christmas celebrations earlier in December.
Public Relations Coordinator, Elizabeth Mutota said Dundee honours and respect the good work done by the elderly through their working years. “Through this joyous and festive visit, we are acknowledging the role and significance of the elderly in our community” she added.
“We appreciate what you are doing, not only for us but for others, thank you that you always think about us senior citizens” said Hendrihetta Johana, the Matron at Tsumeb Maroela Retirement Home.
This is the fourth time Dundee is hosting the annual event as part of their community investment value. As the major Tsumeb employer, the smelter is actively promoting events and initiatives that improve the lives of the community.
The Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb Community Trust was founded in 2010, and had spent over N$12 million investing in the sustainable development of the town. In November the Trust’s board members approved applications for financial assistance to an amount of N$ 1, 3 million for another 15 projects or institutions.
‘Community Investment’ core value acts as a steering wheel which drives the trust to support community development programmes, projects and service through money grants for the benefit of all Tsumeb residents and for the Oshikoto Region. The chairperson of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tsumeb branch, Fritz Nitschke thanked the Board for the funds to help develop new small businesses which helps create employment and diversify the local economy,. “The small and medium-sized businesses are grateful and the impact of the funding has changed their lives”.
Emphasis for development is directed at the underprivileged, focusing on priorities such as education, community health, social upliftment, entrepreneurship, and small and medium-size business enterprises.
Tsumeb Community Trust Administrator, Andre Struwig said “the local community has benefited during the year with an amount totalling N$3 million. All the recipients have shown their gratitude and appreciate the financial support from Dundee to uplift the living standards of the residents”.

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