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Guard and maintain stability – EU delegate

Guard and maintain stability – EU delegate

EU Ambassador to Namibia, Jana Hybaskova gave a public talk on the Islamic state earlier this week at the Namibia Scientific Society, where she emphasized the value and importance of the current peace, security and stability that Namibia enjoys.
Ambassador Hybaskova at her lecture urged all to guard and maintain that stability and called upon the Namibian society to combine all efforts to get rid of all forms of violence against women and children.
In her talk that was focused on the Islamic situation, the EU Head of Delegation elaborated about the political and security vacuum that followed the end of the Cold War in the Middle East that allowed for extreme forms of Islam to become a dominant ideology of the new era.
At the event that was attended by approximately 100 people, Hybaskova explained that old fashioned authoritarian regimes collapsed opening up the way to different forms of Sunni jihadist Islam, as well as radical Shiite movements. The Sunni population lacking basic protection, justice and delivery of services turned to radical mechanisms, which led to the creation of an Islamic quasi state.
According to her, the Middle East is nowadays in turmoil with more than 15 million refugees and internally displaced people. Furthermore the situation in Syria is as concerning.
Meanwhile, she added that the European Union is seeking for islands of stability in Africa and Namibia is such a country, which can play a positive role in influencing others. In this respect the EU aims to support Namibia to maintain this stability and to achieve sustainable growth and development.

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