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An Empty Coast is a roller-coaster read

An Empty Coast is a roller-coaster read

Tony Park an author from Australia who spends half of his year in southern Africa, launched his 12th novel “An Empty Coast”, last week Friday at Book Den. Tony gets most of his inspiration for writing from the African bush and wildlife, where all his novels are set.
An Empty Coast is about a former soldier, supposedly retired mercenary, Sonja Kurtz, who is in Vietnam carrying out a personal revenge mission when her daughter Emma, sends a call for help. Emma is on a dig at the edge of Namibia’s Etosha National Park studying archaeology and she discovers a body that dates back to the country’s liberation war of the 1980s.
The remains are identified as Hudson Brand, and are a key piece of a puzzle that will reveal the location of a modern-day buried treasure, a find people will kill for. However when Sonja returns to the country of her birth to help Emma, she finds out that Emma is missing.
The plot thickens when it is discovered that former CIA agent Hudson Brand is very much alive and is also drawn back to Namibia to finally solve a decades old mystery whose clues are entombed in an empty corner of the savannah. Tony Parker describes his writing still as adventures, trilling, mysterious but most of all inspiring. “I love happy endings and I love to inspire people, even though I may take them on a roller-coaster ride at first,” he said adding that he loves Africa and wants to show the world a positive side of it. “Namibia especially is very inspiring, even though people may have differences, but everybody seems to be heading in the same direction to make this country into the best that it can be, which is very heart warming,” he noted. He advises aspiring writers always to make sure that they have time and a place to write, time to be able to think and a place to get inspiration from. “It really depends on the individual, but my routine is to always write 2000 words a day and I never go back and read what I have written if I have not completed the whole book,” he explained.
Tony Park has worked as a reporter, a press secretary, a PR consultant and a freelance writer. He is also a major in the Australian Army Reserve and served in Afghanistan in 2001.
He and his wife divide their time between Sydney and southern Africa where they own a home on the border of the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

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