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Eleven bucks let you keep your shopping bag

Eleven bucks let you keep your shopping bag

Pick n Pay supermarket chain this week introduced reusable shopping bags at all their shops in partnership with the Recycle Namibia Forum.
Taking hands with PnP Namibia in this initiative, the Recycle Forum is implementing a tangible initiative to reduce the number of windblown and discarded carry bags which litters every single point of human habitation.
Recylce Forum Chairperson, Patricia Hoeksema said the forum was established to contribute to a clean, safe and sustainable environment. “It is therefore critical that the corporate sector, as well as civil society and government take hands to ensure the future sustainability of our environment by keeping it clean and preserving it for our future generations to appreciate, celebrate and enjoy.”
This will eventually contribute greatly to growing investment opportunities in the country resulting in stronger economic growth.
Recycle Forum coordinator, Anita Witt said it is with delight that the forum has partnered with Pick n Pay to bring reusable bags to the consumer, while ensuring the funds of the sale of the bags support environmental awareness creation. It is most certainly a step into the right direction – and hopefully an encouragement to other corporates and retailers to follow suit in contribution to leading this country to a place where we are leaders in preserving the environment.”
Pick n Pay Finance Director, Waldemar von Lieres emphasised the significant role recycling plays saying “Last year Americans recycled enough aluminium cans to conserve the energy equivalent of more than 15 million barrels of oil.”
“The environment plays an integral part in our everyday operations and in the lives of us as individuals. Our health status is determined by what our environment looks like. It is our responsibility to look after the environment and do what we can to preserve it and take care of it, not only for ourselves but also for future generations to come. These shopper bags should serve as an indication as to the lengths we as Pick n Pay Namibia will go to preserve our country’s environment” he said.
At the launch, Pick n Pay made the commitment that from every reusable bag sold, one dollar will be donated to the Recycle Forum to support its mission. Reusable bags will be available for purchase at any Pick n Pay store countrywide at a cost of N$10.99.

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