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Key conclusions of 1st Namibia Social Protection Conference

At a social protection conference hosted by the Social Security Commission earlier this year, six key conclusions were reached regarding social protection.
In a report about the conference, published by the SSC, key conclusions from the conference are mentioned. Acting EO Emma Kantema-Gaomas of the SSC elaborates: “Altogether six key conclusions have been reached and these include the fact that in general Namibia has made impressive strides in social protection amidst challenges such as high unemployment rates. Further the introduction of a Return-to-Work programme is a necessity as it ensures victims of occupational accidents and injuries are rehabilitated and re-immersed into the labour market without delays.
More key conclusions reached at the conference included the need for a flexible, incentives backed strategy that bring the informal economy employees into the mainstream of social protection. “The need to implement the social protection floors cannot be overemphasized as this is crucial in moving people to levels above the poverty line,” Kantema-Gaomas added.
In fifth place of key conclusions mention was made of the currently fragmented social protection system which hampered the extension of adequate levels of social protection services and benefits. There was a need for a National Social Protection Strategy for Namibia which would ensure all players function in a coherent way. Lastly the SSC said that it was encouraged to do the needful and introduce Unemployment Insurance.

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