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Immanuel elderly share in Christmas joy

Immanuel elderly share in Christmas joy

“At this time of year there are parties, presents, end of year functions and great fun, yet everyone is not as fortunate” said Anita Beyleveld of SABMiller’s new brewery in Okahandja when she organised a special Christmas dinner for the elderly of the Immanuel Old Age Home in Nau Aib, Okahandja.
As a significant employer in Okahandja since the start-up of their new brewing facility, SABMiller Namibia realised there are many residents in the town, especially the elderly, who do not share in the Christmas festivities.
For the thirty five residents of Immanuel, the brewer’s intention to make a difference in the community, resulted in a day of special treatment, lots of food, and a warm expectation that this was only the first of many such events.
The Immanuel Old Age Home was established for the sole purpose of caring for the elderly in Okahandja by providing accommodation and food to those who are least able to enjoy these very basics of life. Immanuel’s Matron, Miss Sophie said they are dedicated to promote the social welfare of their residents, offering them a safe home and a reliable supply of sustenance. The home encourages its residents to participate in uplifting and positive activities.
The elderly enjoys material, spiritual and social assistance, helping them to spend their pension money wisely, and to pursue a meaningful existence while they stay at Immanuel. They are encourages to have regular contact with their families.
“It is easy to forget the vulnerable and the needy in our busy lives but they deserve our attention and care. SABMiller Namibia took this opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way by donating food” said Maija-Liisa Prinszonsky, the brewer’s Corporate Affairs Manager.
Matron Sophie was delighted with the donation and said; “It is always heartwarming to know and see that people do not forget the elderly. Although we try to give the best food possible to our residents within our budget, it doesn’t compare to the delicacies that we have received from SABMiller. December is known as the festive season, and this meal made it much more festive for all of us.“

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