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All eyes on Eyezman

All eyes on Eyezman

Gonkenda Isai Sipunga who goes by the stage name of ‘Eyezman’, aged 25, says he was born to be a rapper and he cannot imagine his life with rap music.
Eyezman has a passion for this genre of music running through his veins and through his journey he has been influenced by a lot of people in the industry as well as those in his private life, especially his father who also encouraged him to come to Windhoek to pursue his dream.
“Even though my father was not a professional musician, he would always play the guitar and I would be on the mic singing and rapping along with him,” said Eyezman. Ever since then he has not stopped pursuing his dream.
“I have just released my first studio single which I am busy promoting myself and making sure that people hear him out,” added Eyezman.
Since entering the industry Eyezman believes he has improved a lot and this has been confirmed by the positive feed back that he receives when people hear his single, ‘The One’.
“I have worked with Elvo on this single, because he is one of the people in the industry who has given me a chance,” he said. He added that he has been to most of the radio stations promoting his single and trying to get air play, but one of the problems he has encountered, is the lack of coverage via the print media, as its seems not keen to interview him.
At the moment the full of life hip-hop artist is busy selling his single for N$150 and anybody who buys it now, will be able to attend the launch of his single, where the music video will also be shot.
“It will be a pool party where everybody will getting free drinks and a chance to be in the music video,” he said.
“I plan to be the best rapper in Namibia, even though the genre is not that popular here, but with hard work and making sure that I full-fill my dreams,” said Eyezman.
He added that people who work hard and keep on pushing even through tough times inspire him .He plans to evolve as a musician by always perfecting his skills and trying new things and make sure that he keeps up with the market.
He advised other artists to make sure that they do not get ripped off and believe in what they do as sky’s the limit. To get more information about the single and to get a copy you can contact Eyezman via his social media handle on www.facebook/

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