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CYMOT rewarded for employment equity

CYMOT rewarded for employment equity

The Employment Equity Commission awarded an overall third place of all companies in Namibia to CYMOT. Since 2001 every private sector relevant employer was compelled to submit a three-year AA Plan and then annually provide feedback on the achievement of the goals listed in this Plan.
CYMOT has in consultation with its AA Consultative Committee embarked on designing strategies for the provisions of equal opportunities at the workplace.
The firm has succeeded in being rewarded the AA compliance certificate every year. A clear focus on training of previously disadvantaged persons was employed. Barriers to equal employment opportunities were systematically removed and senior management committed itself to a cultural transformation of its policies and practices in line with the Affirmative Action Act.
The core business of CYMOT involves selling motor spares, which is perceived to attract males more than females. CYMOT has found this to be one of the challenges to overcome and succeeded in shifting the gender balance with the employment of more females in jobs which historically were performed by males.
Another challenge was to find suitably qualified persons for management positions. The employer has been able to promote more members of the previously disadvantaged group into management positions through the application of training programs. In all recruitment efforts, fairness was applied throughout without compromising on acceptable standards.

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