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Group 5 encourages dismissed Husab workers to re-apply

Group Five this week extended an invitation to its dismissed workers to re-apply following an agreement reached with the Metal and Allied Namibia Workers Union. This was confirmed to the Economist by MANWU representative Eliphas Andowa and Swakop Uranium Human Resources Director Percey MacCullum.
The 358 strong group of skilled and unskilled individuals will on Friday complete a round of interviews which the labour union will observe Andowa told the Economist. “We [are] not really happy but ja [maybe] 80%. The dismsised employees will be paid out and can re-apply. The workers will now have a chance to present their case to Group Five. The process started yesterday and MANWU will be a part of the process to observe.”
Speaking on behalf of Swakop Uranium and not Group Five, MacCullum said, “the workers are Group Five employees. The dismissal resulted from an illegal strike action. An agreement has now been reached which makes provision for employment.”
He explained that there were certain areas in which construction was affected because of the strike and said that workers would put in the extra time in December to catch up, a sentiment echoed by Andowa.
The construction employees have claimed unfair labour practices for well over half a year, citing amongst others, low pay while also making the claim that Group Five was employing expatriates despite the fact that Namibians were suitable for the jobs given out to non-Namibians.

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