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Maths and science trough mobile labs

Maths and science trough mobile labs

An educational concept that has delivered exceptional results in Arandis, Ondangwa and Swakopmund, has been replicated in mobile form and launched last week. Two partners, the Rössing Foundation and Nedbank Namibia joined forces to furnish three mobile laboratories, modelled on the same concept as the Rössing Foundation’s Mathematics, English and Science Centres operated in the towns of Arandis, Swakopmund and Ondangwa. These rolling laboratories have been deployed to rural schools where tuition in the three critical subjects is hampered by lack of facilities, poor teaching and long distances.
The mobile laboratory, funded by Nedbank, are mobile replicas of the Foundation’s educational centres.
However, these centres are limited to teachers and learners residing in close proximity or who have access to transport. The majority of rural schools in poor communities continue to miss out on the valuable opportunities offered by this programme.
The Rössing Foundation approached Nedbank to assist in making their Mathematics, English and Science Centres mobile, and so the Mobile Science Laboratory was born. Nedbank has committed to sponsoring three of these vehicles, fully equipped with the necessary instruments and material to bring much needed educational aid in Mathematics, Science and English to rural schools across Namibia.
Speaking at the launch last week, Managing Director of Nedbank Namibia Ltd, Lionel Matthews, said that education is one of the three defined pillars underpinning Nedbank’s philosophy in terms of corporate social investment.
He said, “I may well be preaching to the converted, considering the eminent educational leaders in attendance, when I say that education remains a prime ingredient in providing access to employment, economic prosperity, improved quality of life, personal fulfilment and growth for all Namibia’s people. That is an undeniable fact. And as a good corporate citizen, Nedbank Namibia will never shun our obligation in this regard.”
“At Nedbank Namibia, we have visions of the mobile lab being welcomed with joy and enthusiasm by communities in the furthest recesses of our country. But more importantly, we have visions of touching the lives of numerous teachers and learners alike, and inspiring them to embrace a future of untold interest in science and mathematics” he said
The Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Hon Katrina Hanse-Himarwa commended Nedbank and the Rössing Foundation saying, “with hard work and dedication, Nedbank and the Rössing Foundation have managed to implement an innovative approach to extending the enrichment benefits to rural schools through the practical presence of the Mobile Science Lab.”

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