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More labour awards adorn O&L foyer

More labour awards adorn O&L foyer

Two subsidiaries in the Ohlthaver & List stable, the Breweries and Pick ‘n Pay were recently recognised by the Labour Commissioner when they received high accolades for the promotion of employment equity in the workplace.
Pick n Pay Namibia and Namibia Breweries Limited were recognized as leaders in the promotion of Employment Equity. Pick ‘n Pay was awarded 2nd place in the Best Performers category while Namibia Breweries Limited came out Overall Top Performer in the Workplace category at the annual Employment Equity Commission Awards ceremony held earlier in November.
O&L Human Capital Director, Berthold Mukuahima said his group is fully committed to labour transformation, adding that the Group’s dedication to growing a balanced, honest and fair workforce is evident in the awards to two of the Group’s subsidiaries at the annual Employment Equity Commission’s Award ceremony. “The Affirmative Action (Employment) Act of 1998 redresses imbalances at the workplace, arising from the past discriminatory socio-economic dispensation. The legislation is intended to foster fair employment practices with regard to matters such as recruitment, selection, appointment, training, promotion, and equitable remuneration for previously disadvantaged people – more particularly, previously racially disadvantaged people, women and persons with disabilities, referred to as designated groups in the Act. The overall objective of the Act is to achieve equity through the elimination of employment barriers against persons of designated groups. The purpose of the Act is to transform the Namibian Workforce to be representative of the demographics of the country. Transformation of the workforce has many challenges and opportunities; hence it is not only a necessary Act, but it also falls in line with the country’s democratic principles” he said
Mukuahima added “In the Namibian context, transformation of the workforces’ present distinct benefits. Not only does it bring in new talent and equip existing talent with new skills, but it also presents and unlocks many opportunities for businesses. Businesses can use the process of workforce transformation to balance their demographic profiles.”

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