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X-mas comes early

X-mas comes early



The boys and girls of the Vrede Rede Primary School in Swakopmund last week received a full kit of schoolwear from the Swakop Uranium Foundation to ensure they are ready for the new schoolyear. Handing over the donation Swakop Uranium Director: Business Support Yang Gang said: “It has come to our attention that there are a significant number of under-privileged children in Swakopmund whose parents often struggle to provide them with the necessary basic school essentials such as school uniforms. When the basic needs of a child are met, this allows the child to learn better without feeling uncomfortable or out of place.”

Eighty learners from two primary schools in Swakopmund received school uniforms from the Swakop Uranium Foundation last week Wednesday. The foundation contributed N$20,000 and the Swakopmund Town Council another N$5000. These boys from Festus !Gonteb Primary School were very pleased with their new uniforms for the new school year. Many of them had to do with hand-me-downs from siblings and older learners. Special Advisor to the Erongo Regional Governor, Adelheid Kandjala said the Office of the Erongo Regional Governor is committed to the provision of education which is the first step to success. “Through focused efforts, we resolve to support the education sector in setting high standards and maintaining education excellence in the region.”

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