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A new nest woven for Wordweaver publisher

A new nest woven for Wordweaver publisher

One of the brightest stars of the local publishing industry, Bryony van der Merwe (centre back) was joined this week by a bevy of supporters and well-wishers when she and new business partner, Peter Reiner (back row left) announced that Wordweaver Publishing House CC is building nests for young readers again. With the two are Sylvia Schlettwein in the back row right, and Renate van Wyk, Olga Kausch, Erna Müller and Alison Gardiner in front. Bryony is a gifted craftsman of the word and has published many titles for younger readers when she ran Wordweaver on her own. Under her guiding memes, many an aspiring author has come to light, helped by the dynamic publisher to expand their appeal. See full article on page 3. (Photograph by Mandisa Rasmeni)

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