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Pupkewitz Motor Holdings to introduce Datsun

Pupkewitz Motor Holdings will officially introduce Datsun under its stable this weekend, as it targets customers in the lower segment of the market. The announcement was recently made by its Managing Director Ekkerd van Wyk.
Said van Wyk, “Datsun is making its official début back into Namibia on Saturday, 28 November 2015. Pupkewitz Nissan will be officially introducing the new Datsun Go. The launch of the new Datsun Go at Pupkewitz Nissan, one of the dealerships of Pupkewitz Motor Division (PMD) is thus inevitable”.
“Bringing the Datsun Go on board is truly an historic expansion for PMD as it will now make provision for the lower A segment amongst its current product range. An opportunity to enhance PMDs competitive edge and also its market share in the lower A segment,” he added.
Van Wyk said the new Datsun is expected to retail from as little as N$109,000, making it the most affordable new vehicle on the market.
When asked about its dealership roll-out, van Wyk said that Windhoek, Oshakati, Walvis Bay and Swakopmund would house Pupkewitz’s Datsun dealerships.
Assuring prospective Datsun owners, van Wyk said, “the availability of parts and high standards during servicing of vehicles, forms part of the franchise agreement undertaken by Pupkewitz Motor Division.”
Giving a brief update on the sales performance of its GWM brand, van Wyk said, “the GWM product has proven itself as exceptional value for money and has in many cases exceeded customers’ expectations. PMD is very satisfied with the brand to the economy and success of many Small Medium Enterprises.”
Datsun was phased out in 1981 and the Nissan name was endorsed worldwide for all forthcoming Datsun vehicles. Nissan announced the return of Datsun and announced its return in 2012 and launched the Datsun Go in 2015. Datsun will also become the seventh franchise under the division.

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