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SABMiller launches Carling Blue

SABMiller launches Carling Blue

Behemoth SABMiller this week launched its premium Carling Blue Label beer beverage across eight countries simultaneously and Namibia was no exception. Speaking to members of the press during a low-key event at its premises yesterday, its National Trade Marketing Manager, Linda Buckingham told the story of its single malt variety.
Speaking on its roll-out Buckingham said, “This will be an inaugural One Africa launch and Carling Blue Label Beer will be launched in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique.” Carling Blue Label she explained would be a classic premium lager beer and thus fell in the local premium category. The beer she said would have a six month shelf life and was not a promotional product but a permanent pack. According to her, Carling Blue is made from a specially chosen single variety of Barley Malt. Describing its taste, Buckingham said, “this single malt Carling Blue Label beer captures a rich malty and depth of flavour overall character. The recipe, as designed by our master brewers still underpins the drinkability and all round flavour balance to ensure a special beer drinking experience, full of flavour.” Said Buckingham, “our story begins with a beer your all familiar with, Carling Black Label, the champion taste which has won over 30 international awards. As they did for Carling Black Label, our Carling brewers have pushed the boundaries once more and we are proud to share this bold new beer, a beer that is made from a select single-variety malted barley. We have created our first single-malt beer that is exceptionally made and provides a richly rewarding experience for anyone wanting to make a bold choice.” In comparison to Carling Black, Carling Blue’s alcohol by volume comes in at 5%. Concluded Buckingham, “because this beer is brewed for those who are unafraid of doing things first, and who are bold enough to try new experiences. Those who learn, explore the world and create new things.”

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