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Send us your cattle and we let your children play

Send us your cattle and we let your children play

The national redmeat marketing agent, Meatco, has brought joy to the lives of the children of the Sanveld Kindergarten in Gobabis by building the children their own playground for outdoors entertainment.
Capacity inside the classroom has also been improved by making a donation of stationery, groceries and an assortment of toys. Meatco spent more than N$100,000 to bring Sanveld Kindergarten to a higher level.
Meatco’s Livestock Procurement department sought contributions from several organisations and channeled these to the school. As part of the hand over, the department staff also built and installed the playground equipment for the children to play with.
At the presentation ceremony, Meatco’s Executive for Livestock Procurement, Heiner Böhme said, “what makes this event more special to me is the fact that this is the first project of its nature that the Livestock Procurement team embarked upon. We are extremely pleased to see that the playground has taken shape.”
In addition to donations received for the playground, various sponsors and Meatco staff members donated books, toys, clothing items, stationery and classroom furniture to the school. “I hope these items will contribute towards the creation of a conducive learning environment” Böhme said.
He thanked the other sponsors, Letshego, Namwater, Namib Mills, Olthaver and List, Waltons and Windhoek Stationers as well as the Meatco Foundation, Meatco producers and his colleagues for their support. This week, as part of a Meatco Staff Social Project, the company’s internal auditors donated cutlery worth N$5000 and provided lunch for the children of the Onyose Trust, a welfare organisation registered with the Ministry of Health and Social Services.
Meatco Foundation’s Executive, Kingsley Kwenani said “Whoever cares for the needy lends to the Lord, who will pay back the sum in full” adding that they see Corporate Social Responsibility as a way in which their values, corporate culture and operations come together.

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