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An educated nation is a happy nation – FNB

An educated nation is a happy nation – FNB

In an effort to ensure that a lack of finance does not stand in the way of Namibians being able to study and further their careers, FNB Namibia’s Student Business has evolved and student loans now include primary, high school and even PHD fees.
The bank offers the LifeStart Transmission account and the Student Loan in order to ensure that youngsters are able to study and further their career without being hampered by financial constraints or access to bank accounts.
Peter Shidiwe of FNB Student Business said, “The FNB Lifestart student loan is an individually tailored solution that will help students realize their potential, and offers competitive interest rates, flexible payment terms and unique personalized options.
“Students can pay for school fees, tertiary education and even a PHD. Another great product, namely the FNB LifeStart Transmission account also offers numerous advantages worth investigating and talking to FNB about,” he added.
Shidiwe pointed out that the requirements of students include the fact that they must run an active LifeStart Transmission or any other account with FNB.
“They must also present proof of acceptance or registration at the Tertiary Educational Institution, whichever is more easily accessible and a statement/quote of study fees. If the student is employed full time, and over the age of 21 and wants to apply for a loan the below requirements for surety will be applicable to the student,” he said.
Shidiwe encouraged locals to talk to FNB Namibia about their needs to further their studies as well as provide specific documents that are required like, proof of acceptance/registration at the educational institution and a statement/quote of study fees required.

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