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Turkish dogs run after Namibian cheetahs

Turkish dogs run after Namibian cheetahs

A Turkish organisation is so enamoured by the sterling work two famous Turkish canine breeds accomplish on Namibian farms, that they donated a bakkie to the Cheetah Conservation Fund in support of their work to visit privately-owned farms where the majority of the indigenous cheetah population occurs.
The Cheetah Conservation Fund has been breeding and placing Kangals and Anatolian Shephers, two famous Turkish breeds, with local farmers to protect livestock, and to prevent the accidental or intentional killing of cheetahs. By protecting the domestic animals, the cheetahs are deterred, saving their lives in a roundabout way.
A delegation representing the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) visited the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) on Thursday, 19 November, 2015, to present the organisation with a new 4×4 bakkie. The vehicle was donated to the CCF for use with its Livestock Guarding Dog Programme, which is founded upon the two rare breeds of Turkish dogs.
“Our agency provides assistance wherever in the world it is needed, but we are especially pleased to support efforts that feature aspects of Turkish culture. By sharing our history and experiences with other countries around the world, we hope to encourage peace, prosperity, and make the world a much smaller place”, said Mr. Cüneyt Esmer, TIKA Namibia Country Director.
Since 1994, the CCF has provided Kangal dogs and Anatolian Shepherds to farmers as a non-lethal tool for controlling predation. The Turkish delegation included H.E. Mrs. Deniz Cakar, the Ambassador of Turkey; Mrs. Keman Ozdemir, Head of TIKA Africa and Middle East Countries; Mr. Cüneyt Esmer, TIKA Namibia Country Director; and members of the Turkish media. In addition to lunch with CCF staff, they were treated to a demonstration of the Livestock Guarding Dog programme and a tour of the CCF’s Field Research and Education Centre and Cheetah Sanctuary.
“We are very excited to be recognised by TIKA and grateful to receive this new truck”, said Dr. Laurie Marker, the inspiring director of the CCF. “Between delivering puppies to farmers, conducting health check-ups and administering veterinary care, our staff is on the road daily. This will help us better keep up with the demand for our dogs and their ongoing care.”

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