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Drink seawater instead

Drink seawater instead

The impact of alcohol is serious business to Namibia Breweries Ltd. Last week, the local brewer trained another 380 individuals in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay on the joys of using alcohol, but in a responsible manner. Called the DRINKiQ programme, the Breweries has, since the training started in 2009, put over three thousand people through this rigorous programme.
Responding to last week’s very successful training, Venessa Mwiya, O&L Group’s Corporate Social Investment Coordinator, said they support the government’s stance against the abuse of alcohol.
In preparation for the festive season, the DRINKiQ programme inducted the large group of public servants working for the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the Ministry of Gender Equality & Child Welfare at the Erongo Regional Council, the Ministry of Education, TransNamib Holdings, the Swakopmund Municipality, and Namport.
“What do people drink? What do we know about alcohol? What do we know about our favourite drink? What does a standard drink look like? How long does the body take to sober up, and how long before the alcohol completely leaves the body? Also, what are the mental, psychological and physical risks involved when abusing alcohol?” These are some of the questions asked and answered during the DRINKiQ training. The training leaves participants with a clear picture of the direct effects of alcohol consumption and abuse on the human body.
“Educating society on alcohol abuse is not only government’s responsibility, but should be a joint effort from all stakeholders, corporates, community leaders and members of civil society. The objective of this programme is to equip employees and our stakeholders with facts about the impact of alcohol abuse on the human body to lead them to informed and responsible decisions when consuming alcohol” Mwiya said.

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