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Windhoek to host N$2 million conference

The International Water Association has re-approached the City of Windhoek to host its 2013 Re-Use Conference after offering the hosting duties to Denver, USA despite the fact that Namibia won the bid by attracting 52% votes.
According to City documents, the association’s management board informed its Strategic Executive of Infrastructure, Water and Waste Management that it could not reach an agreement on the staging of the conference and was offering the hosting rights to Windhoek.
The City of Windhoek this week accepted the hosting gig which will take place in September 2013 despite the many financial implications amounting up to N$2 750 00.
After the initial decision that the bid would go to Denver, the municipality did not pursue any sponsorship deals.    The only sponsor thus far is WINGOC, the operator of the Goreangab Plant who pledged N$250 000. It is also proposed that an amount of N$1 million be put aside under the City’s 2012/2013 Operating Budget as a pre-financing provision.
The municipal document stated that as time has been lost since the initial outcome of the voting process, the management board pledged to support Windhoek to obtain sponsors for the conference from major water players in Europe.
When voting closed in November last year, Windhoek attracted 52% of the votes and Denver 48% but the management board of the specialist group considered the outcome and as the margin was small, conducted a ballot within the committee which voted 68% to 32% in favour of Denver.
Citing reasons that the United States of America is one of the biggest players in water re-use, is seen as a strategic partner and that the International Water Association wanted to foster stronger ties with the American re-use fraternity, the group decided to give the hosting rights to Denver. The City of Denver however declined the offer. About 350 delegates are expected to attend this conference.

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