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More countries to tee off at Africa Jacket championship

More countries to tee off at Africa Jacket championship

Namibia Breweries Limited launched the third Windhoek Lager Africa Jacket Golf Championship 2015/16 on 18 November 2015. Highlights of the upcoming championship are the fact that next year 11 countries will compete and a women’s division has been included.
Ian Stevenson, Global Sponsorship & Events Manager at NBL recalled that this tournament kicked off in 2013 with five countries and the intention of increasing the participating countries had been reached thus far with 10 being part of it in 2014 and 11 so far, with Mauritius for the 2015/16 championship. He elaborated “Each country nominates four existing tournaments within their country and links these as qualifiers to determine who will compete in the overall Windhoek Lager Africa Jacket final held in Windhoek. In order to increase interest amongst all golfers, they compete in 3 different divisions, viz A division (handicaps up to 9), B division (handicaps from 10-16) and C division (handicaps from 17-24).
Added Stevenson, “we therefore undertook to investigate the possibility of including a women’s division within the Windhoek Lager Africa Jacket Golf Championship and I am pleased to announce that we will be including one woman golfer from each of the existing participating countries.”
Other exciting news is that the final of the SA International Pairs competition will take place here at the Windhoek Golf & Country Club over that same period. This will mean that the 14 regions in SA will be sending their winning pair to battle things out here in Windhoek. To celebrate this, Windhoek Lager will be bringing our own Windhoek Lager pairs competition into being partnering with the Windhoek Golf & Country Club and these will be held from February through to May 2016.
At the launch Vice-President of NAGU, Hafeni Nghinamwaami thanked NBL and Windhoek Lager for their support of golf and added, “The number of golfers participating in the NAGU events was on a decline, but since the introduction of linking the Windhoek Lager Africa Jacket Golf Championship to these events, there has been a definite increase in participation numbers. It has given our golfers a renewed reason for participating and I take this opportunity of thanking Windhoek Lager for coming up with this initiative to drive more golfers to these existing tournaments. It is rare that a sponsor really understands what is required from a sport administration perspective, but Windhoek Lager has fully understood how to maximize shared value through this sponsorship.

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