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Chinese Embassy takes the rural route

Chinese Embassy takes the rural route

Established in 1925, Iihongo Combined School in the Oshikoto Region, has weathered the storms over the past 91 years, but like many other rural schools, the storm eventually catches up. On Thursday, the Chinese Embassy donated a whisker short of N$43,000 to the school at a function in Windhoek. The funds are intended to facilitate with the upgrade of a fence and other facilities at the school. The school still faces other challenges that include the dilapidated infrastructure which must be renovated as a matter of urgency. At a ceremony at the Chinese Embassy, the Ambassador, H.E. Xin Shunkang handed the cheque to the Principal of Iihongo Combined School, Mr Wilbard Ashikoto in the presence of the Chairperson of the Board, Leonard Kambonde. Former alumni who are now enrolled at various tertiary educational institutions in Windhoek also in attendance the event. (Photograph by Musa Carter)

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