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Culture and Cuisine Day at St George’s

Fifth graders at St George’s depicting South African culture with judges Fortune Kangueehi (only Namibian Masterchef SA finalist); Abby du Toit (Masterchef SA contestant) and Desmond van Jaarsveld (parent).St George’s Parents, Teachers and Friends’ Association ( PTFA) held a Culture & Cuisine day last weekend in order to create awareness about various cultures and foodstuffs. The culture day, which was held on 14 April, also aimed to provide financial support for the school’s social awareness projects.
“At St George’s we enjoy a vast variety of cultures and children at our school come from many different backgrounds. For us it is thus also important to teach our youngsters at an early stage about different people, their cultures and the fact that these need to be respected and adhered to,” said Riette Hanekom, principal of the school.
The annual Culture & Cuisine Day is a favourite event on the PTFA calendar as the different grades represented different countries, offering a taste of cuisine, culture and entertainment from each of the countries. The various grades were judged on best stall, best entertainment and best food.
Hanekom said this year’s festivities were special as the school managed to secure the service of celebrity judges including Fortune Kangueehi (only Namibian to become a Masterchef SA finalist) and Abby du Toit (another Masterchef SA contestant) while Desmond van Jaarsveld (parent) was the third judge. The winners were Best Stall – Gr. 4 representing China; Best Dressed/Entertainment – Gr. 5 representing South Africa and Best Food – Junior Pre-Primary representing Namibia.

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