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Media helps spread cancer message

Media helps spread cancer message

The Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) feels it is imperative that journalists reporting on cancer should be properly informed. This was aired by Rolf Hansen, Chief Executive Officer of the CAN during the media cancer awareness day at CAN head office in Windhoek.
“I was a journalist myself short over a decade ago and I understand the power of the media. I understand even more the power of an educated and understanding media,” he said.
He said, the philosophy of “understanding to help understand” is at the core of their mission to inform and educate on matters on cancer.
“This enables them to write compelling and convincing articles so that the Namibian population can comprehend what we are dealing with,” he said.
Furthermore he said that “by reporting on something we do not fully comprehend, we are in fact only misguiding and scaring the nation. We need to equip ourselves with knowledge on the subject matter, then we can communicate to the public professionally”.
The Cancer Association, in line with this sensitisation and education project announced that they are developing a manual on Cancer Awareness, Communication and Prevention as guided by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). This guide will be officially launched on World Cancer Day on 04 February next year after which the nationwide rollout will continue for two years.

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