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NBC and New Era sign agreement

NBC and New Era sign agreement

The Namibia Broadcasting Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with New Era Publication Corporation this week to enable the two government-funded parastatals to share their resources to approve operational efficiency and to reduce the two’s enormous wasting of resources.
Stanley Similo, Director General of the NBC said that the relationship between two entities is of strategic nature. “Through this agreement, both NBC and New Era stand a chance to reach out better and with ease to every Namibian out there and to tell his or her story better,” he emphasised adding that this Memorandum places them in a better position to harmonise their dealings, to reflect the Namibian story better and with confidence and maximize on the benefits that they stand to reap through both the electronic and print media platforms.
Dr Audrin Mathe, Chief Executive Officer of New Era Publication Corporations added that the agreement offers both corporations access to the wealth of archives of both corporations, which present a great benefit on its own. “Through this agreement, we will open up our platforms and the social media sites and create a link through which we will podcast news and other content to increase and maximise our reach as well as our revenue,” he emphasised.
A revenue sharing model between the two entities has been introduced through the agreement whereby deals and business opportunities emanating from airtime and advertisement revenue will be shared on terms to be finalised by detailed agreements. The relationship between the two state media groups will be managed and nurtured through out the period by specific operational guidelines and agreements. The agreement will be in force for the next 5 years and will be open for renewal at the end of the period.

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