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Private sector engine for growth

Private sector engine for growth

“Our Government has also been consistent in sending out the message that we consider the private sector as the engine for economic growth. It is for this reason that we have created favourable legal frameworks and other conditions to promote the growth and expansion of private business in our economy. I am delighted that our Government is also continuing to modernize our legislative and administrative frameworks to facilitate faster registration of companies and to reduce the cost related to these processes” according to the Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development, Hon Immanuel Ngatjizeko when he opened the 9th Namport Erongo Business and Tourism expo, last week Wednesday.
Referring to Erongo regional developments, the minister said “Our government has been consistent in sending a clear message that it is committed to support the growth of our towns in all parts of the country. In this regard, 17 hectare of the!Nora Namib Industrial & Logistics Estate have been completed here in Walvis Bay by our implementing agency, the Namibia Development Corporation. I should also point out that, contractors are busy with bulk earthwork at the 34 hectare site for the same project. This is testimony to the fact that we are busy establishing the necessary infrastructures and facilities that are needed in modern towns.”
“In the same vein, we will continue to encourage the private sector to invest in manufacturing ventures in order to strengthen the industrial base of our economy. By broadening our country’s industrial base, we can facilitate the transfer of valuable skills and appropriate technology, which are vital in creating a sustainable economic base needed for the achievement of national development goals” the minister elaborated. Taking his cue from the minister, the Mayor of Walvis Bay, Councillor Uillika Nambahu said “I feel profoundly proud and grateful for the opportunity to be amongst such a distinguished group of people as we just witnessed the official commencement of the Namport Erongo Business Tourism Expo 2015.”
“This event has become a flagship event for our city since its inception and continues to be a great platform for the convergence of goods and services while remaining a true social network for families and friends to get together, sample and view the products and services on offer and at the same time have fun.”
The Councillor continued “This exposition is of particular importance to the City Council as it creates a vehicle for both foreign and local exhibitors to know how it feels to live and work in our Port City and further how to optimally interact with a variety of customers and potential customers, with the hope that these exhibitors would make up their minds to return as investors establishing businesses here on a permanent basis.”
“I am further convinced that our residents through these and other similar platforms are being exposed to product choice and services with the potential to impacting their lives positively and hence the interest in these products and services will grow requiring these and other needs to be satisfied” he said.

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