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Boyz II Men did not disappoint

Boyz II Men did not disappoint

Internationally acclaimed trio Boyz II Men took their audience back in time, when they performed last Friday at the Hage Geingob Stadium. This is the first time that the trio performed in southern Africa and they promised to come back to Namibia. Amongst the crowd of admirers were President Hage Geingob and First Lady, Monica Geingos.
The show was opened by Sally who had the crowd dancing and singing along to her popular songs especially, ‘Boss Madam’, which drove the females in the crowed crazy. She was followed by The Dogg, who brought out the kwaito in everyone, and taking them back to their zula days.
Oteya, the NAMA Female Artist of the Year was up next and made the crowd shake it up. She had the thousands of admirers swooning with her energetic and hyped up performance. She made Sexy sexy again.
Last of the local artist to perform was Gazza, the NAMA Male Artist of the Year who had the crowd jiving to his popular songs. Full of energy and even spraying the crowd with beer, he made them go wild. This was one of his best performances ever.
In anticipation the crowd waited for Boyz II Men to get on the stage. At that moment when the three now-older gentlemen appeared, the uproar and applause were deafening. It seemed like the crowd was in a trance during their performance, even the men were singing along to their popular songs.
Everybody in the audience enjoyed this historic performance and could not get enough of them.
The only downside was that people expected them to sing more song. The loud calls for an encore did not produce positive results so the crowd started shouting “We want more” but that was the end of the show and no coaxing, no matter how loud and persistent, could persuade Boyz II Men otherwise. After all, the Boyz are now in their mid-forties and one can not expect the same vigour after the rigours of a life on the stage.
With their heads still buzzing the people in the crowd made their way out of the stadium still singing and still in awe of what they just witnessed.
All in all it was a very success full concert with thousands witnessing history in the making. Security was very obvious and very tight, there were no reports of disturbances, hooliganism, muggings or theft.

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