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Do you speak Spanish?

Do you speak Spanish?

New Spanish Ambassador, HE Concepción Figuerola (centre) and her staff with the students from UNAM and the Polytechnic who tested their language and culture skills in a friendly quiz. The group of students who take Spanish as a subject last week entertained the Ambassador when they showed their language and culture skills in a friendly contest. The 4th edition of the Spanish-American and Namibian Culture Quiz, “How much do you know?” took place at the residence of the Spanish Embassy. The event was hosted by the Ambassador.
At UNAM, Spanish has been taught since 1995 and as a curricular subject since 2002, with support from the Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry Lectureship Programme. To date the university has had seven Spanish lecturers who have taught Spanish to 240 students. There are currently 40 students taking Spanish at UNAM as a curricular subject.

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