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Know your Total Tara Rally team

Know your Total Tara Rally team

With the 47th edition of the annual Total Tara rally just around the corner, this week we took time to close in on the specific individuals who will be at the helm of the rally that is set to start on 19 November up until 21 November.
Team Total’s Wilro Dippenarr (driver) and Riaan van der Westhuizen (navigator) will try to keep the silverware in the land of the brave in the face of stiff competition in this year’s edition of the rally.
Team Total Driver Profile:
Wilro Dippenaar aged 22 will be behind the wheel at this year’s rally. Wilro lives in Windhoek and currently works at PZN Panel beaters. Listed as his hobbies and likes, the young mentioned Motor sport, cars and bikes.
Wilro stated that five years from now he sees himself participating in all forms of motor-sports. According to him in his years of participating in motor sport he has learned about teamwork, trust and attention to detail.
In terms of Motor sport in the future, he said, “ I see the sport as a growing sport, it will get bigger and better if everyone works together. We hope to see more companies willing to sponsor more motor events.”
Notable achievements under his belt include to mention just a few: 3 years Junior carting Champion, junior sportsman of the year, 2 years 4 cylinder and Hot rod champ, came 2nd in Champions of Champions in South Africa, 2010 1st Namibian rival on Total Tara rally, Won Total Tara rally 2100 at the age of 18, Namibian Rally Champion 2012, Namibia Rally Champion 2014.
Team Total Navigator’s Profile:
Riaan van der Westhuizen aged 45, is the veteran in the team and will be responsible for the navigation. Riaan also lives in Windhoek and is currently the owner of Shell Nabta Service Station.
His hobbies and include motor-sport as well as fast cars and bikes. According to five years from now he will be living from day to day as it comes and in his years in the racing circuit he has learned self respect, trust and teamwork.
Notable achievement for the veteran include: 1996, 1996 and 1007 Quad Bike Champion, 2008 1st Total rally entry, 2009, 2010, 2011 he won the challenge class Championships as Navigator, 2012 won S4 class championship as navigator and 2014 Namibia Rally Champion.
At the moment Team Total is the Namibian Rally Champions and in October the duo clinched the won the Hemco Paint Rally in October.

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