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Fuel up

Namibian motorists had to endure yet another fuel increase for the third time this year. The fuel increase came into effect on Wednesday this week. According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, conflicts taking place in the Middle East and the United States as well as the sanctions imposed on Iran by the United Nations, are resulting in the increase of fuel prices. The previous fuel increases were on 15 February and 14 March 2012 respectively. Both diesel and petrol prices in Walvis Bay went up, with lead petrol now going at a retail price of 20 cents per litre, unleaded petrol also went up with 20 cents per litre, while Diesel increased with a wholesale price of 10 cents per litre.
This means motorists will now have to fork out N$9.97 per liter for leaded petrol; while a litre of unleaded petrol will cost them N$10.30, whilst diesel in Walvis Bay fuel pump will go for about N$10.35 per litre. Unleaded and lead petrol will be N$1.50 cheaper and diesel at 0.35 cents cheaper as compared to neighboring South Africa. With recent prices of food commodities going up and the National Energy Fund (NEF) subsidising the current recoveries by 18 cents on petrol grades and 8 cents on diesel, Namibian consumers are warned that they cannot escape the wrath of continuous fuel price increases.

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