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Swakara gets glitzy at international fashion shows

Local designer, Aili Nangula Elifas delighted fur buyers at a recent fashion competition with this stunning creation in Swakara. (Photograph contributed)Swakara is high in demand with many furriers indicating they are keen to bid on the 53 000 Swakara pelts up for sale at next weekend’s auction in Copenhagen. The local Swakara Board said it is expecting a very positive auction based on events in the fur trade so far this year. Earlier this year, two international fur fairs where Swakara featured prominently were attended by delegates from the Swakara Board of Namibia. Wessel Visser and Julene Meyer attended the Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair (HKFF) from 25 to 28 February 2012 in Wanchai, Hong Kong. The fair showcased products and accessories from exhibitors representing 16 countries. Over 7800 buyers from over 30 countries attended the event – 9% more than in 2011.
The Swakara Board had its own stand and for the fourth year in a row, the Swakara collection was developed in close corporation with Kopenhagen Fur Studio. A highlight of the fair was the Hong Kong Fur Gala on 25 February. Over 1850 people attended the banquet and fashion show. The event was opened by Wallace Wong, chairperson of the HKFF, after which a fashion show took place with inter alia 17 swakara garments on the runway.
The Greeks were again active in the trading of Swakara garments, and according to Tasos Bourtsos from the Bourtsos Bros Company, it went extremely well. Russia and Korea, two of the biggest fur markets, were the biggest buyers of fur at the fair and helped set the tempo for this year’s sales.
According to the official Fair Management Reports it was the best year in their 30-year history with a projected US$257 million in sales.
The week after the Hong Kong fair, Wessel Visser and Gabriel Biewa attended the 17th MIFUR, the International Fur and Leather Exhibition. It was held at the FieraMilanoCity Convention and Exhibition Centre in Milan, Italy from 4 to 8 March 2012 and was attended by exhibitors and buyers from around the world. The fair is still regarded as the most important fur fashion trendsetter in the world.

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