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Animated superhero shares conservation messages

Animated superhero shares conservation messages

Namibian-born producer/director Linda de Jager has received overwhelming support for /Gasa, which is the country’s first animated superhero.
San man /Gasa comes with conservation messages from the past for the present generation and a knowledge of the land. His message resonates throughout Namibia as he visits communities and shares traditional stories.
With /Gasa, Linda has turned to this genre to share in the adventures of the San man travelling with Mr Gecko, his small animal friend. She joins forces with Congo-born animator Rickey Pascal “Freehand” Nzoni to create a world that comes alive in animation.
At the launch Dixon Norval, who spoke on behalf of the FNB Foundation said: “One of our strategic intents is partnership and we are glad that you are indeed FNB partners in helping shape a better Namibia through the great /Gasa animation story. The value this great story tells will indeed add great appreciation for our landscape. It is the story of Our Namibian Pride, from the landscapes to the beautiful animals and the picture perfect quiver trees.”
The 52-minute animation was made possible by development funding of the First National Bank Foundation, the Pupkewitz Foundation and the translations were made possible by the Namibia Film Commission.
Air Nambia will screen /Gasa as part of their inflight programming on local and international routes in the November/December Cycle.
The first pilot screenings of /Gasa will be facilitated by the LAC LEAD Wildlife Crime School Advocacy Project which has already initiated presentations to schools regarding wildlife crime. In November, the LAC team will follow-up their ongoing campaign by presenting and discussing /Gasa in schools in the Kunene, Erongo and Etosha National Park areas. This will form part of their existing educational drive about wildlife crime and environmental issues.
On 05 and 06 February 2016, the FNCC, in collaboration with AfricAvenir will present the Namibian Premiere of ”/Gasa.”
/Gasa is available in Nama/Damara, Rukwangali,  Silozi, Kwanyama and Otjijherero.

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