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Boyz II Men concert, secure

With safety and security as top priority for the upcoming Boyz II Men concert, Namibia Breweries Limited has brought on board a leader in safety and security provision.
Hilltop Live has been in the event industry for over 20 years and is one of South Africa’s leading festival and event organizing group of companies. In Namibia, Hilltop Live has hosted the popular Hart van Windhoek event with great success for four years. Other events that the company’s portfolio include are Jacaranda Day; Cape Town Carnival; the Annual Oppikoppi music festival; Drum Beat Soweto, and Ramfest – to name but a few. Hilltop Live was one of the first event organizers to employ their very own Disaster Manager.
Chief Operations Officer at Hilltop Live Productions, Tony Groenewald said that concert-goers to the Boyz II Men concert can rest assured that security measures will be tops. “The first thing that Hilltop Live did when the consultation process began on this project was to double the security and medical deployment for the event. Outside of this, an extra three security specialists will be deployed to manage each of the three security zones identified. We will make use of lots of extra terrain lighting and two-way radio communication nets to be able to respond immediately to any incident.”

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